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Black, White, and Read All Over

Bold, contrasting colors and copy take over OneWay Gallery in a new group show, “Black, White and Read All Over,” which opens July 16 at the Boon Street space.

“The concept was left to the artists’ interpretation,” says gallery owner and artist Stephen Cook. “Black and white photography will show next to a large canvas with text next to a monochrome abstract painting next to a plaster sculpture, and so on.”

Cook will showcase a series of large-scale paintings in “Black, White and Read All Over.” According to Newport Mercury art critic Alexander Castro, Cook’s “[c]harcoal and graphite provide sultry, sullen, even soothing blacks, evincing the importance of drawing.”

Artist Scott Moran will show two abstract works in black and white and red and white, respectively. A third piece, “Anything Helps,” features the title copy painted on white canvas, a statement on everyday ambivalence towards poverty.

OneWay artist Christian Harder will show a selection of black and white landscape photography, and Missouri-based printmaker, Tom Huck, will show a series of satirical woodcuts. The show also includes work by stable artists Jessica Cabral, S.W. Dinge, A. Dolt, Nikki Juen, Caitlin Pritchard and Reason.

In addition to the gallery’s mainstays, Providence-based sculptor, Ben Watkins, makes his OneWay debut in “Black, White and Read All Over.” A member of Rhode Island School of Design’s faculty, Watkins will show a series of hydrocal plaster works in white and gold. Watkins has shown his sculptures at AS220, Cade Thompkins Projects and other galleries in New England. The artist was the recipient of the 2014 RISCA fellowship in three-dimensional art.

The exhibition opens on July 16 and runs through August 14. The public is invited to an artists’ reception on July 16 from 5 to 9 p.m.



  1. “Kangaroos,” Cook.
  2. “Untitled 1,” Scott Moran.
  3. “Above it all,” Ben Watkins.



Jessica Cabral


S.W. Dinge

A. Dolt

Christian Harder

Tom Huck

Nikki Juen

Scott Moran

Caitlin Pritchard


Ben Watkins




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